Support Packages

Basic Care 6 month plan - $850 (up to $1125 value)

To assist you with your new website we offer an option to retain our services for a 6 month period after you launch your new website.

This plan can be tailored for your support needs and options can be chosen from:

  • Online screensharing sessions for help with managing content on your website
  • Design and editing help
  • Website promoting help
  • Help with custom integrations
  • General troubleshooting help

Each month we allow for up to 1.5 hours for our service. Please note that this does not rollover or accumulate, and there is no refund for unused time.

Legacy Plans below only

6 Month Support (Care Plan) Packages for looking after your website


Question: Do you offer care plan support packages for all WordPress websites?

Answer: No, our care plans are only available for websites that are using our Managed WordPress Hosting.

Question: What are Task Requests?

Answer: A Task Request is a task that you submit via our support ticket system that is a job we can complete in 30 minutes or less. Examples of common task requests include CSS styling changes, minor theme updates, adding content to a page or post, testing a form, general troubleshooting, etc. If you submit a task that we estimate will take longer than 30 minutes then we will provide you with a quote for approval before commencing the task. Only one task request may be submitted at a time.

Question: What does Simplified Analytics Reporting include?

Answer: We setup a simple tracking script on your website that allows us to monitor your top pages, top referrers, bounce rate and average time that viewers are looking at your website. The script we use is privacy conscious and doesn't collect personal details about your website visitors. We include a 45 minute online call (each month) to go through the data on how your website is performing, so you have useful feedback on which pages of your website are being viewed, and where your traffic is coming from.

Question: What is a Support Session?

Answer: Website owners always have questions. Maybe you would like to know about what you could be doing to improve your website, or how to find images for your blog posts, or how to resize an image before adding to a page, or how to style a page differently. Perhaps you are wondering how to find content for your blog, or how to create a mailing list. Support Sessions are a chat session, generally via an online call or screensharing, that provides you with an opportunity to ask those questions, or even to brainstorm ideas for your business. We limit each session to no more than 30 minutes, but you can book 2 together if you need an hour.

Question: Where do I book a Task Request or a Support Session?

Answer: Click the 'Contact' button on the top right of this page and submit your request.

Question: Can I use the package on more than one website?

Answer: No, the package is per website only. However we are happy to discuss options for a bulk deal for more than one website.

Have a question that we haven't answered? Then reach out to our friendly support team heading to the Contact page.

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