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Frequently Asked Questions

Tiong Creative offers options for helping you learn how to use your website. We also provide support in related areas. For more information, visit Training and Consultations

We believe an overall approach will help you achieve your business goals and the website is just one part of this. As such we also offer marketing support, design work and content services.

We can help you plan, create and launch a new site or rebuild a current one. We will work with you every step of the way and have a range of basic packages and pricing to get you started. You can learn more at Website Creation.

We offer a range of services and would love to assist you with your project. For more information visit Overview of Services.

We build websites using Webflow and are also able to assess the needs of the client to see if a WordPress site is needed.

When building websites on the Webflow platform, the website will be transferred to the client at the end of the creation period. Tiong Creative will assist this transfer and offer 6 month support packages to help you navigate your new site. Learn more at Support Packages.

Tiong Creative is no longer reselling hosting but are able to provide advice and options on the best hosting options for your website and email. Learn more at Web Hosting and Email Hosting.